Job seekers: Beware of those pesky typos!

By Ron Cooper
The Word Doctor

First impressions become lasting impressions when an employer receives a grammatically incorrect résumé.

In a poor economy, you need every edge you can muster to stay competitive in the job market. Misspellings and incorrect word choices are the kiss of death for eager job seekers.

A Scripps Howard News Service survey turned up these gems from résumés:

• “SKILLS: Work well with both managers and colleges.”
• “PROFILE: I am a hardworking, medicated professional.”
• “OBJECTIVE: Seeking a marketing job. Willing to travail.”
• “OBJECTIVE: To to be employed by you.”

Résumés aren’t the only problems created by careless applicants. Cover letters can also leave a bad taste in an employer’s mouth—especially from a cocky candidate.

To wit:

“Don’t keep me dangling. The more you delay the hiring process, the greater the chance you will hire a real looser.”

H-m-m-m….I wonder who the real loser is?

Be watchful for proper grammar and accurate spelling when you’re angling for employment. It’s Job Number One!

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