4 tips to whip writer’s block

By Ron Cooper
The Word Doctor

Anybody who puts pen to paper suffers from it. It is frustrating and humbling. And it can halt a writing project dead in its tracks.

But writer’s block need not be a fatal disease. Don’t panic. It’s your brain freezing up. Using a few “thawing” techniques, in no time you’ll be happily back at the keyboard again composing your letter, speech, article or book.

Four tips:

1. Take a well-deserved breather. Go for a walk. Listen to soothing music (Mozart works for me). Check your Facebook page. Watch an episode of “I Love Lucy” on cable, or a scene from your favorite Marx Brothers movie; comedy is good for brain-thawing!

2. Venture into the quietest space in your office with a small note pad or tape recorder. Or visit a nearby park where Mother Nature will serve as your muse. Chances are, your writing project can be jump-started with a new outline. Jot down the key words or messages of your piece, and then move them around where they’ll fit snugly.

3. Writer’s block may pop up because we’re overwhelmed with the enormity of the project. Break up the project into bite-sized chunks. You could set deadlines to complete 200 words the first hour, 300 the next hour, etc. That will keep it flowing.

4. Switch off the lights and head home for the day. Leave the disarray behind, if only for overnight. Even when it’s out of sight, your writing project is not out of mind. Your brain will be turning over a new phrase, thinking of a new angle or rewriting the lead or ending. Have that notebook or tape recorder handy. Then tackle the piece, red pencil in hand, with a fresh cup of coffee the next morning.

Feel better now? Let’s get back to writing again, with renewed energy and fresh purpose. Works every time!

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Ron was an award-winning newspaper journalist during his 25-year career. He worked for community and business publications, including Business First of Louisville. Ron has written more than 5,000 articles for newspapers and magazines. He has ghost-written books and articles for business professionals. Ron has worked as a freelance writer, writing coach and media consultant for the past 13 years. His clients have included corporate and non-profit organizations.
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3 Responses to 4 tips to whip writer’s block

  1. Sharice says:

    Great advice Ron! Mozart definitely works for me too. This really helped me get back into perspective today. I really enjoy knowing people who have been there and done that because many times while I am writing, I discover that I am pretty much done and all I have to do is tidy up a bit.

    I don’t think I have ever been to this blog before but I am definitely motivated to come stop by again. Hope your week is off to good start. This chapter is finishing up beautifully, I am so excited!:))

  2. Very nice write-up. I absolutely appreciate this site.
    Continue the good work!

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